Passing Fancies: November 2015


Reading: I’m revisiting The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at bedtime these days. It delights and amazes me just as much as when I was in first grade.

Video: I enjoyed “Home Fires” — I didn’t love it, but it’s good fun and I love the costumes. Now I want to wear floral dresses, cardigans, and sensible shoes. Oh, wait — I’m already doing that.

Audio: Echo & The Bunnymen’s Songs to Learn & Sing just turned thirty years old. Wow.

Art:Kongo: Power and Majesty” at the Met.

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Passing Fancies: October 2015


My favorite month of the year!

Video: Mr. TC and I are glued to our weekly viewings of “Home Fires” and “Indian Summers” on PBS. Yes, we are old folks.

Audio: The Replacements (Tim is 30 years old?!)

Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Between the World and Me, thanks to my friend C. who loaned me her copy

Art: “Impressionism and the Caribbean: Francisco Oller and His Transatlantic World” at the Brooklyn Museum

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Passing Fancies: January 2015


2015?! Yes, apparently so.

Reading: Next on my list: a volume of Shirley Jackson’s short stories that Mr. TC gave me for Christmas.

Video: “Downton Abbey,” of course!

Audio: Someone recently recommended the Songza app to me. A few of my favorite “stations” (so far) are 80s College Rock, Whip-Smart Women of the 90s, and The Goth Parade…

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