Covet: Joya & Oliver Ruuger “In Girum” Candle


Joya, the New York-based purveyor of artisanal candles and home fragrance, has just announced a collaboration with London-based luxury accessories designer Oliver Ruuger. The result is a limited edition candle called “In Girum,” encased in engraved leather. A limited edition print of the artwork is also available.


From Joya:

“The engraved leather case is produced from British saddle hide with artwork burned deep into the thick leather. The encased candle is poured at the Joya Studio using soy, vegetable oil, beeswax, fragrance and cotton wick. Its distinctive scent, which combines powerful characters of woodsmoke, fire and cade, is carried by deep, naturally-coloured resinous wax.

The subject of the artwork is formed around an ancient Latin palindrome and offers an answer to the riddle: ‘In Girum Imus Nocte et Consumimur Igni.’ Translation: ‘We go into the circle at night and are consumed by fire.’”

I’ve never come across that palindrome before, and I love it. The candle costs $450, so I won’t be acquiring one. But I’m still drawn to it, like a moth to flame, and I thought my fellow art/fragrance-lovers might want to know about it too.

You can visit the Joya website for more information.

Images: via Joya press release.


4 thoughts on “Covet: Joya & Oliver Ruuger “In Girum” Candle

    1. I love their “perfumes in porcelain,” or whatever their early collection was called. This one is fun to admire from a distance, in any case! and I bet it does smell good.

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