A Few of My Favorite Holiday Scents

nuit de noel 1959h printsh

My latest post on Now Smell This is a selection of my favorite holiday-season scents. You can read it here.

Image: Caron Nuit de Noel advertisement (1959) via Vintage Ad Browser.


Covet: Jean-Michel Basquiat Candles from Ligne Blanche Paris

basquiat candle

I’ve been an admirer of Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) ever since I saw a retrospective of his work at the Whitney Museum in 1992. (I have to confess that I even enjoyed the 1996 biopic Basquiat, directed by Julian Schnabel.)

If Basquiat were still alive, he’d surely be collaborating with designers, musicians, filmmakers, and so on—after all, he did all that in his lifetime, long before Takashi Murakami ever thought of teaming up with Louis Vuitton. Maybe that’s why I don’t mind when I see (authorized) Basquiat merchandise for sale.

This high-end candle is one of six in a series produced by Ligne Blanche Paris, with fragrances by Givaudan. The porcelain holder is printed with a reproduction of Basquiat’s Trumpet (1984, below), and the scent is a blend of almond and cherry.


Ligne Blanche’s Basquiat candles sell for $65 at Twisted Lily.

Preview: Diptyque Candles for Holiday 2013


Today I was able to preview Diptyque’s limited edition candles for the 2013 holiday season. The Madison Avenue boutique was offering them just for two days; they’ll return, for the full holiday season (until they run out!), in November.

This year, the candles’ glass containers are gilded over their coloring, which gives them an added luminosity when they’re lit. The oval decals have delicate gilt motifs inspired, reportedly, by the art of Gustav Klimt as well as The Arabian Nights.

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Covet: NK Candles by Niho Kozuru

I love candles and I love historic architecture, so I can’t help admiring these candles. They’re designed by artist Niho Kozuru, who specializes in sculpture (in a range of materials) inspired by architectural details. Kozuru is based in Boston, so she’s surrounded by wonderful eighteenth- and nineteenth-century American architecture. By isolating small decorative elements like finials and balusters, she draws out the sculptural qualities of details we might not even normally notice on  a building.

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