Covet: NK Candles by Niho Kozuru

I love candles and I love historic architecture, so I can’t help admiring these candles. They’re designed by artist Niho Kozuru, who specializes in sculpture (in a range of materials) inspired by architectural details. Kozuru is based in Boston, so she’s surrounded by wonderful eighteenth- and nineteenth-century American architecture. By isolating small decorative elements like finials and balusters, she draws out the sculptural qualities of details we might not even normally notice on  a building.

I’m guessing that Kozuru’s “Longfellow” design (the largest candle in the photo at top) refers to the finials that punctuate the front balustrade and the roof balustrade of the Longfellow House in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (You can read more about the Longfellow House here.)

NK Candles are crafted from pure beeswax and cotton wicks. They’re unscented, although they do have a pleasant light fragrance from the natural beeswax. They are priced by size and design. For more information and a list of vendors, visit Niho Kozuru’s website.

Images: product photos via Niho Kozuru; vintage postcard of the Longfellow House (c. 1897-1924) via Wikimedia Commons.


2 thoughts on “Covet: NK Candles by Niho Kozuru

  1. My problem with all these nice candles is that I would feel badly lighting them up and destroying – so I know they would be just collecting dust on a shelf. But they look very beautiful.

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