Preview: Lipstick Queen Belle Epoque Nourishing Lip Balms, with an Art History Reference

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Lipstick Queen has just released a new product: a tinted lip balm named Belle Epoque, in a reference to the “beautiful era” of arts, fashion, and culture in fin de siècle France. Yes, a lip product named Belle Epoque; I can not resist. (As a girl, I went with my mother to see an exhibition titled “La Belle Epoque” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, and this era has never lost its fascination for me.)

I’m hoping to have an opportunity to try these balms soon, but in the meantime, let’s look closer that image and do a little art history “detective work”…

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Product Review: Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipstick in Star Power

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Last week I wrote about a visit to the Lipstick Queen counter at Barneys, during which I met up with the Queen herself, Poppy King, and was introduced to her new Velvet Rope lipstick collection (see here). I’ll be taking a closer look at a few of the Velvet Rope shades, starting with Star Power…

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Quick Reads: A Look into Poppy King’s Apartment


As you may already know, I’m a longtime admirer of Poppy King and her work in cosmetics, from the original Poppy line to Lipstick Queen to her collaborations with other brands. I also admire her personal style and her knowledge of vintage fashion and beauty products.

Beyond the Row has just posted a beautifully photographed essay on Poppy’s style beliefs, her living space, and her collections of precious vintage items. You can read it here.

Product Review: Helmut Red Lipstick from House of Exposure (with Poppy King)

If you’re a fan of Poppy King and her Lipstick Queen line of top-notch lip colors, you’ve probably also taken note of her guest collaborations with other brands—J. Crew, Kate Spade, and now, the “online concept boutique” called House of Exposure.

House of Exposure offers merchandise in all media, with a philosophy of “bringing art in all of its incarnations into our daily lives.” This year, House of Exposure’s creative director Periel Aschenbrand invited Poppy on board to create a lipstick inspired by Helmut Newton’s photographs of women.

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Covet: Lipstick Queen “Liptropolis” Lipstick Trio

I’ve been a fan of “Lipstick Queen” Poppy King and her various lipstick lines since the early 1990s, so I’m always curious about her newest products. I haven’t seen this one in person yet, but it looks promising: a “volume” of three lipsticks called “Liptropolis.” They’re named for three Manhattan neighborhoods: SoHo (red), Upper East Side (nude), and Central Park (peach). Their texture reportedly falls midway between matte and sheer (or, in Poppy’s parlance, “Sinner” and “Saint.” Of course, New York is a little bit of both…)

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