Product Review: Aesop Fabulous Face Oil

aesop face oil

I’ve always been curious about Aesop’s skincare, but it wasn’t until this Australian company opened numerous free-standing boutiques in New York in 2011 and 2012 that I acted on my curiosity and ended up trying a few products.

A helpful sales associate at one Aesop location asked me a few questions about my skin and gave me some tiny sample packets of Fabulous Face Oil to try. I’m so glad she did.


Fabulous Face Oil is “a daily moisturising botanical oil for normal, dull or congested skin,” and its ingredients include macadamia seed oil, sweet almond oil, Japanese camellia seed oil, evening primrose oil, ylang ylang oil, wheatgerm oil, juniper oil, hazel seed oil, vitamin E, and jasmine oil. The ylang ylang and juniper are pleasantly noticeable in the product’s scent.

My skin is a difficult combination of dry and oily, clog-prone and reactive. I need to keep it from getting congested, but I can’t tolerate any sort of AHA/BHA, lactic acid, salicylic acid, etc. A product like Fabulous Face Oil, which uses botanical oils to soothe and purify at the same time, is perfect for me. Based on past experience with other products, I think the juniper is particularly beneficial to my face.

I’ve been applying four or five drops of Fabulous Face Oil to my face every evening for the past few months, following it with a small amount of moisturizer (which I might not need to do in the humid summer weather). My skin has been feeling smoother and healthier since I added this product to my regimen, and my break-outs have been minimal. I think it works even better (for me, at least) than Sunday Riley’s Juno or Skin & Bones, two old favorites of mine.


Aesop Fabulous Face Oil sells for $55 for .9 oz.

Product source: I purchased this product at an Aesop boutique.

Images: product photo via Aesop website; Juniperus communis, 1897, via Wikimedia.


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