Covet: Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick (With an Art Historical Reference)


I’m eyeing the latest product launch from Lipstick Queen, a color-changing lipstick named Frog Prince. It’s bright clover green in the tube, but when it’s applied to lips, it adjusts to a rosy pink shade.

I’m a fan of LQ’s Hello Sailor, and I’d probably enjoy Frog Prince even more. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to nab a press sample, but I’ll check it out next time I’m near Barneys or SpaceNK.

In the meantime, I’m smiling over the illustration of a frog reclining in front of a fairytale castle, because it reminds me of something…


The arched bridge and turreted castle in the background are “borrowings” from Maxfield Parrish’s illustration Wynken, Blynken and Nod (1902).

Sugar Plum Tree 1905

Similar castles appear regularly in Parrish’s art—here’s another, in a detail of The Sugar-Plum Tree (1905).

parrish frog prince

Parrish even created a work titled “The Frog Prince” for Hearst’s Magazine in 1912. I’m guessing that Lipstick Queen’s graphic designer came across it in his/her search for imagery, although it isn’t directly quoted in the product packaging.

If I ever identify a source for the frog, I’ll add it here!

(Ice Queen was another LQ product that had an art history reference in its packaging design—you can re-read my post about it here.)


4 thoughts on “Covet: Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick (With an Art Historical Reference)

  1. I ordered from LQ a few weeks ago and they accidentally sent me this instead of what I ordered. Unfortunately they also sent a return postage when I let them know! :) lol! Space NK was very gracious about it and sent me a free liquid lipstick for my trouble though in a gorgeous shade of red. I would have liked to have tried this. So many of those “color change” lipsticks just turn magenta on me and look awful…. please report when you try it! :)

    1. Ceil, remember those green or black “mood lipsticks”?! They always turned hot pink! I hope this one will be different. I’ll report back if/when I finally get to Barneys…

  2. I absolutely love the idea but I’m afraid I won’t like the actual color… What are you doing to me? :) I already plan to buy Ice Queen – after reading your previous post. And now this one! :)

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