5 on 5: Top Posts From the Past Year

5 of Hearts

Since I’ve just celebrated one year of blogging here at Tinsel Creation, I thought it would be fun to look back and see which which posts have received the most attention. Thanks to WordPress’s handy statistics-tracker, I was able to see at a glance which of my own obsessions found their audience. What were they?

1. A Tale of Two Soaps: Victoria Lanolin-Ägg-Tvål Eggwhite Facial Soap. It wasn’t even close: this one led the pack by a mile. I finally had a venue for sharing my anxieties about one of my favorite products being discontinued and to share my joy when it was brought back. Apparently this soap has many dedicated users. I hope that this post has helped to boost sales a bit, so that we’ll still have this product for years to come.

2. Product Review: LUSH Emotional Brilliance Eyes Right Mascara. This blog got a lot of traffic last summer when I was able to preview some products from LUSH’s newest cosmetics collection. All my LUSH posts had plenty of readers; this one just happened to get more hits than the others. Nine months later, I still have a high opinion of this mascara.

3. Product Review: Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm in Crystal Red. I’m not as crazy about this product as I was when I first tried it, but I’m glad that I reviewed it, because it helped me to identify a demographic sweet spot: the overlap between people who love Sherlock Holmes and people who love reading about lipstick.

4. Preview: New Lipstick Queen Saint/Sinner Shades and “Dancing Queen” Lipstick Trio. I was glad to find out that people wanted to know something about these items from one of my favorite makeup brands, and I wish I’d managed to post swatches and/or reviews later on. (Most of the new Saints and Sinners turned out to be too bright for me, the Dancing Queen set was definitely too glittery.)

5. The Art of Perfume Ads: Lady Gaga Fame. This perfume was instantly forgettable, but its advertisement gave me plenty to think about. I enjoy doing this perfume ad/art history series. I was a bit dismayed to see how many people came to this post after doing a Google search for “pre-op transsexual,” but hey, I hope they enjoyed it nonetheless.

Thanks to everyone who read these posts and commented!


4 thoughts on “5 on 5: Top Posts From the Past Year

  1. I had to laugh at that last search term but hey, if it gets them to your blog then it’s got to be a good thing I guess.
    Is there really such a thing as ” too glittery” ???

    1. Poodle, another of my favorite search results is “jane fonda naked,” leading to my post on Jennifer Aniston’s perfume ad. I had no idea that so many people really wanted to see Ms. Fonda undressed!

  2. You may remember I quite enjoyed your Lady Gaga Fame article and I must say, much more than the fragrance itself! It did not end up on my Christmas wish list! Oh and the search term, so funny!!! :D

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