Product Review: Face Stockholm Cream Eye Shadow in Cashmere


This month, I’ve been reviewing the products that I picked up during a small binge at Face Stockholm—last week I did a show-and-tell with an eyeliner pencil called Kiki, and today’s subject is a cream eyeshadow.

The proper name of this product is Krämögonskugga. I don’t know why Face Stockholm left this name in Swedish…but I haven’t worn a cream shadow in ages, and this one looked interesting, so I gave it a closer look.

The friendly sales associate suggested a shade called Cashmere, which the Face Stockhom describes as a “cream chocolate.” It’s a medium brown with a cool tinge. Here’s a swatch…


It even looks a little cooler on skin. And it’s densely pigmented—what you see in the pot is pretty much what you get when you apply it to your lids. The first time I used this shadow, I used my ring finger and I scooped up way too much product. After trying it a few more times, I’ve hit on a method that works for me.

I use a firm, medium-width eyeshadow brush (it’s an oldie from MAC, and I have no idea what its original product number was, but it looks like this) to pick up a very small amount of shadow. I apply it only to my lids, then use my ring finger or pinky finger to soften it and to blend it up a tiny bit.

This cream dries quickly, so you have to act promptly once it’s on your lids. Once it’s set, it’s really set, which is a great thing as long as you’ve gotten it where you want it! It really does last all day, without migrating or creasing. (I wear a minimal bit of primer underneath, just in case.)


Because this shade does dry to a matte finish, I sometimes add a light dusting of shimmer with one of my Paul & Joe powder shadows or any similar neutral. For more drama, I could go over the entire lid with a matching brown powder shade, a contour shade, a highlighter, etc.— but that experiment will have to wait for an evening out.

In the meantime, here’s a shot of the product’s lid, with its full name. That feature alone sets it apart it my makeup collection!

Images: photos by Tinsel Creation

Product source: purchased at a Face Stockholm boutique in NYC


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